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What are the most influential fashion KOL in China?

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), or sometimes called influencers, is one of the most powerful way to promote a fashion and luxury brand. Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and WeChat are not the only media platforms anymore. Popular apps such as Douyin (Chinese Tiktok), Weitao (Blogging site of Taobao), Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Bilibili, or Kaola are essential to successful marketing campaigns.

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China’s fashion blogging community is a big business. More than ever, Chinese consumers are relying on KOLs when it comes to shopping decision.Indeed, users of social media platforms tend to be incredibly devoted to their favorite influencers and the opinions of these KOLs. Chinese social media marketing doesn’t offer the same advertising opportunities as in Western media. Key Opinion Leaders in China is what is used predominantly by brands and marketers. However, keep in mind that the principle remains the same: KOLs are influencers in China who share content and are often part of brands marketing campaigns where the creators can share information, reviews, opinions, and other entertainment with their followers.

Although there can be concerns regarding the market buzz and future potential of virtual KOLs, human influencers are still the most effective branding vehicle in luxury and fashion.

Chinese KOLs can make millions in sales revenue a minute during live-streams. For example, Li Jiaqi averaged around $250,000 sales revenue a minute during a 6 hour live-stream. Coming in second, Weiya averaged $234,000 revenue a minute.

The best websites to find Chinese KOLs are:

  • analytical platform with data on most KOL’s, it helps you identify a specific KOL by giving you key historical statistics.

  • WeMedia: Large database of Chinese influencers to lead a marketing campaign.

  • Curated KOL services. They help you sort through a large number of potential KOLs.

Alternatively, you can have a KOL agency do all the work for you. Here is a list of agencies who can help you find the right Chinese influencers for your marketing campaign:

  1. ParkLu

  2. iconKOL

  3. Robin8

  4. Toutiao KOL

  5. KOL store

  6. Hi-Com Asia

  7. Antipodal Talent

  8. Myprad

  9. Socially Powerful

  10. AsiaKOL

How much does a fashion KOL in China cost ?

Depending to the type of KOL you want to collaborate with, the price will greatly vary. You must take into consideration the popularity of the KOL, the number of followers, your price positioning, the number of products the KOL will promote, and of course, the potential commissions on generated sales.

To give you a rough idea of the budget required, collaborating with a relatively popular KOLs, specific to your niche, represent between $8,000 and $500,000 investment. However a single post with a well-identified fashion KOL can only cost $3,00.

So what are the top fashion KOL in China?

  • Mr. Bags/Tao Liang - Weibo: @Bags包先生, 3.7m followers / WeChat: @bagsbaoxiansheng, 850k followers / Instagram:@mrbagss, 36.2k followers / Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu): 140k followers.

  • Becky Li - Weibo : @黎贝卡的异想世界, 3.2m followers / WeChat: @Miss_shopping_li,2m followers / Instagram:@beckys_fantasy, 40.3k followers.

  • Kakakaoo- Weibo: @Kakakaoo 8.7m followers/ WeChat @kakakaoo / Xiaohongshu: Kakakaoo-

  • Chrison - Weibo: @Chrison克里森, 5m followers / WeChat: @ChrisonZS,300k followers.

  • Dipsy - Weibo : @Dipsy迪西, 5.6m followers

  • 韩恩汐汐 - Weibo: @韩恩汐汐 4.7m followers / WeChat: @hanenxixi0325

  • Fil Xiaobai - Weibo: @Fil小白, 3.28m followers

  • Papi - Weibo: @papi酱, 28.47m followers

  • Siva Shen - Weibo: @了不起日报的了不起, 43k followers

  • Zola Zhang - Weibo: @原来是西门大嫂, 1.62m followers

  • Yishu Gao - Weibo: @搞艺术一横, 735k followers

fashion influencers china

By working with KOLs, brands are able to raise brand awareness, build a more intimate relationship with customers and drive sales successfully. Working with the right influencers — is how most luxury and fashion brands began tapping into China’s affluent, young consumers. But today , adjusting this strategy to fit into Gen-Z China’s more patriotic consumerism has become essential to perform well. With the help of Chinese Key Opinion Leaders, brands that digitally experiment more to convey authenticity are definitely the ones winning over media and consumers. A sustainable strategy is to co-create with the influencers by either creating brand-specific content together or a special collection.

If you are a fashion brand or a fashion designer and you want to sell your collection in China, feel free to check out our online fashion showroom.

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