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Shanghai Fashion Week AW 2022 Dates

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Shanghai Fashion Week is now one of the fastest-growing fashion weeks in the world and the Autumn Winter 22 edition will be held from March 24th to April 1st.

With a strong lineup of up-and-coming young designers, the next edition will once again feature sustainability, female power, and cultural heritage.

COVID-19 has affected a lot of markets around the world but it accelerated the dominance of the Chinese market. China can not be ignored anymore and any fashion brand must have a clear strategy to tap into this huge market of affluent and sophisticated shoppers.

It will be another post-pandemic Fashion Week where designers, media, KOLs and of course buyers will get together and the event will be busier than anything we’ve seen in New York or Europe yet.

The last edition event has been relatively untouched by the pandemic and showed that it back to business as usual.

The organizers of the Shanghai Fashion Week are putting a lot efforts to make this AW2022 edition unforgettable: exhibitions, runways shows, trade shows, and parties will be happening at iconic locations around Shanghai.

The trade shows MODE, Ontimeshow, Showroom Shanghai, Tube Showroom and Alter Showroom will be there as usual.

We can anticipate that the event continues to push forward, with much of its momentum resting on emerging and independent designers who continue to prove that China has now become a source of creativity and inspiration.

Buyers such as multi-brands stores, online market places and retail chains can get a close-up view at the latest collection from celebrated international and domestic fashion designers and make instant purchases on-site or on our online fashion showroom.

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