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Female Designers Growing in China's Fashion Industry

The Shanghai Fashion Week is growing female power. It comes as more Chinese female designers are making their name on the global stage.

chinese female fashion designers

25 year old Pu Yiliu's new fashion brand was set up just a few months ago, and now the jewelry collections are already on show at Shanghai Fashion Week. Pu is just starting out, but she's already receiving a lot of interest from investors. She says the sheer diversity in female fashion excites her.

"Female, as our gender, we are more sensitive so we can build a special connection with the world. Some are gentle, some are wild and some are rebellious. So different kinds of beauty will build up different kinds of tastes."

The so-called U.S. economy is not a new thing. A report from the shopping website Tmall highlights how more women are now happy to branch out and try new brands. This is exactly why up-and coming designers and niche brands are seeing a rapid growth in the fashion industry in China.

These female designers are the ones driving China's fast developing fashion industry. Tmall also says more than half of the clothing stops in China are run by women, and many of this are now taking their designs overseas. Such has been their progress.

Shanghai Fashion Week has dedicated a number of forums and exhibitions to female designers. More and more events like this, and more and more exposure to female opinion, female activities will transform into knowledge, and that knowledge will empower women from all walks of life to be encouraged to find their own strength. As more women become the backbone of China's fashion industry, Shanghai Fashion Week is using female empowerment as the major theme for the very first time, and strengthening women will be a key focus in the future.

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